Microbial contamination is a dangerous and costly problem.

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Sanitary Environments are Healthier Environments
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How can we protect you?

Treated Gym


Our 3-Way GamePlan® Service is the cost-effective way to control mold, mildew and potential disease-causing bacteria in our schools.

Educators shoulder an important responsibility to keep school environments clean and sanitary. Failure in this area can cause public outrage and negative publicity. Addressing “Sick Building Syndrome” has cost many school systems dearly. Microbe Busters provides diagnostic and remedial services that are dramatically more effective and far less costly than the demolition-based plans that some schools have been forced into by parents or administrators who were unaware of better options.

Our coordinated line of cleaners and antimicrobial products work together to control biological pests more effectively----and more economically----than any other system ever devised!

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3-Way GamePlan®.

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