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“3 Way GamePlan®” Defense Against Airborne and Surface Microbial Contaminations

Microbe Busters offers a “3 Way GamePlan®” to inhibit growth of life-threatening bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast that may be found on surfaces of your facility, on fabrics, and even on skin.

Reduction of Surface & Airborne Contaminants

For surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, lockers, tables and medical equipment, this is accomplished with the use of our patented, transparent, anti-microbial coating, which covalently bonds to the surface and uses a mechanical action to reduce microbial contamination. It is not consumed and does not leach poisons or heavy metals into the environment. Therefore, it does not create resistant strains and it remains effective for a long time. It actively attracts and destroys airborne organisms to create a healthier environment.

Molecular Sword
Molecular Action
The cell membrane is punctured by the long molecular “sword.” This is a physical rupture. The antimicrobial is not consumed by the organism and stands ready to fight again.

The active ingredient was developed by Dow Corning in the 1970’s. It forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer, which chemically bonds to the treated surface, forming a self-sanitizing barrier. Each molecule is made of a long chain of atoms that form a microscopic quaternary amine sword with a positively charged nitrogen atom at its base. The illustrations above show what happens when negatively charged airborne microbes are irresistibly drawn to the sword. They are punctured on contact. The positively charged nitrogen atom gives off a small electrical discharge, effectively electrocuting the microbes as well.

Fabric Protection

The technology is also available in a formulation that can be applied onto most fabrics during a laundry cycle. Its technology continuously reduces contamination of highly pathogenic organisms on towels, linens, drapes, patient and staff uniforms. Its self-sanitizing barrier lasts for up to 30 washes with only one application.

Skin Protection

Microbe Busters' non-alcohol based, long lasting hand lotion and sanitizer, HandSecure®, can retain its efficacy to reduce contamination up to eight hours. Unlike the competition, HandSecure® is made of safe ingredients that are hypo-allergenic and moisturize the skin.

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